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Life-size French kissing teen sculptures seen on park benches

By Mason White 10:00 AM June 5, 2013

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Life-size sculptures of two teens kissing has caused controversy in China.

The sculptures have generated a debate among residents. Many feel that the display of affection is inappropriate for public areas.

The sculptures show two teenagers in school uniform, with the girl sitting on her boyfriend’s lap, engaged in French kissing. The girl is wearing her school backpack and the boy is wearing a pair of Nike sports shoes. The boy is also seen with McDonald’s takeout food and an apple.

The sculptures were made by the young Chinese artist, Liu Qing, and is displayed on a bench for display at the Bihu Ecological Park in Zhangshou in Southern China. Another sculpture on the other side of the pavilion has a security guard standing and looking at the teenage couple who are kissing.

Public displays of affection are still considered taboo in many parts of China. When questioned by critics, Qing explained that his sculptures reflect real life. “The sculptures are meant to awaken the society and make parents aware of this real life phenomenon of their children being involved in romantic relationships,” he said.

Zheng Yung, a professor at the Minnan Normal University, said there is no problem with the pieces if it were part of a private collection. However, when placed in public parks, it may confuse viewers and have a negative impact on young children.