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Prosecutor fired for posing as accused killer’s former girlfriend on Facebook

By Mason White 8:18 PM June 8, 2013
Aaron Brockler 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) In a surprising case, a prosecutor opened a Facebook account where he attempted to persuade witnesses to change their testimony.

An Ohio prosecutor was fired for creating a fake Facebook account to chat with witnesses in a murder trial.

Aaron Brockler, 35, confessed to posing as a woman on the social media website, in an attempt to convince witnesses for the accused murderer to change their testimony, but he insists he acted in the public’s best interest. “Law enforcement, including prosecutors, have been using this practice to get the truth,” Brockler said.

Brockler was the lead prosecutor in the aggravated murder trial of Damon Dunn, 29, who is accused of fatally shooting Kenneth Adams at a Cleveland car wash on May 18, 2012. Luckily for Dunn, he had two women who told police that they were with him at a different location at the time of the shooting.

Brockler posed as a former girlfriend and baby-mama of the defendant, and attempted to get the two witnesses to recant their alibi of Dunn.

County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty, fired Brockler and called the tactic “unethical behavior.”