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Missouri mother jailed after pet chews off 4-month-old baby’s fingers

By Mason White 2:11 PM June 10, 2013
Ryan and Carrie Waldo 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A woman was jailed for child endangerment after her house pet chewed off her baby’s fingers.

Carrie Waldo, 27, and her husband Ryan, of Missouri were arrested after their pet ate their baby’s fingers.

The mother pleaded guilty to second-degree child endangerment after she reportedly left her 4-month-old baby boy unattended with a ferret. The family’s pet chewed off most of the baby’s fingers. In a plea deal, the judge ordered her to complete a program of 30-day inpatient drug treatment. If she successfully completes the program, the judge will suspend her one-year prison sentence.

She was also sentenced to two years probation during which she is prohibited to have any contact with her five children. On the day of the attack, Waldo told investigators, she and her husband Ryan Waldo fell asleep in the living room while watching television.

She told police that the baby was in his rocker near the coach and the ferret was roaming free. The ferret got to the infant and chewed off most of the boy’s fingers. Ryan told police he awoke to the baby’s crying, when he discovered what the ferret had done, he caught the animal and threw it against the dishwasher, killing it.

When emergency personnel arrived, the baby had only two thumbs and part of a pinkie finger remaining. Subsequent tests revealed that the ferret had human blood and tissue in its stomach. Investigators claim that neither parent was home at the time of the attack. They believe that the baby was left home alone with the ferret.

The judge admonished the mother stating that she “created a substantial risk” when she allowed the ferret to have access to the baby. He added: “You knew that the ferret had bitten a child in the past.” The victim, along with his four siblings were removed from the custody of Waldo and are living with relatives.KCTV5