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Woman caught stealing wedding gifts and hiding it in underwear

By Mason White 10:01 AM June 12, 2013
Wedding card  

By: Debbie Gross
A woman was arrested after she was caught stealing wedding gifts.

The wedding guest ruined the bride’s special moment when she opened the wedding gifts and stole them.

Jennifer Ann Martz, 40, of Chicora, Pennsylvania has been accused of stealing money from cards at the wedding she attended. Martz stuffed the stolen money into her Police were called after someone spotted Martz holding wedding cards in the ladies room.

Martz attended the wedding on Saturday with her ​​boyfriend, who was an invited guest. Martz reportedly stole more than 8 cards from the gift table. Police said that Martz ripped the cards and tried to flush them down the toilet while hiding the money in her bra. Police found $475 in cash and $80 in checks on her.

The groom’s brother, Jeremy Scherer, said that Martz ruined the special moment for everyone by having police investigate the matter during the wedding and by stealing the gifts, which were brought by other guests for the bride and groom.