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Woman drastically shrinks her waist by wearing corset everyday for three years

By Mason White 10:11 AM June 12, 2013
Michele Koebke 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) Many women struggle to have the perfect body.

Some women go to extremes such as surgery or starving themselves in order to acquire the body they desire.

One woman, 24-year-old Michele Koebke, has taken her goal to a whole new extreme. She started wearing a corset 24 hours a day. When her waist shrinks, she gets a smaller size corset and squeezes herself into it until that too becomes big.

The Berlin, Germany native is currently preparing to beat the record for the world’s smallest waist. She plans to accomplish her goal by wearing a corset everyday for the next three years. She started out with a 25 inch waist and her current waist measures a surprisingly small 16 inches.

With one inch to go before she ties for the world record for “World’s Smallest Waist,” Koebke said she is determined to continue the shrinking to 15 inches, a goal that doctors said could be very harmful to her health.

Koebke’s health is already suffering, her corset use has resulted in shortness of breath, and her digestive system does not work properly, forcing her to eat 10 tiny meals a day rather than 3 regular meals. “In time she won’t be possible to move without the corset, or in the worst case she possibly won’t be able to move at all,” Dr. Rudiger Langer, a specialist in internal medicine, who is treating Koebke, said.

While Koebke admits her corset use has severely stunted her ability to move naturally, she said she is pleased with her unusual waist size. Koebke, who has been posting updates of her changing body for the past nine months on her YouTube channel, said that she received mostly positive comments from viewers.

The current record holder for the world’s smallest waist is 76-year-old Cathie Jung, of Manteo, California, her waist measuring at 15 inches. Jung is 5 feet and 6 inches tall, weighs 135 pounds, and has a 39 – 15 – 39 figure. She refers to her waist as the same as a “jar of mayonnaise.” She was awarded the record-breaking title in 2011.
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