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PETA’s new video game lets players destroy animal abusers

By Mason White 11:06 AM June 13, 2013
PETA’s video game “Cage Fight” 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) The PETA organization, came up with a unique idea to bring awareness to animal abuse.

Abuse against anyone is unacceptable, whether the victim is a human or an animal.

Although violence is never the answer to stop people from abusing others, sometimes people feel like punching a person, who had abused a child or an animal. Now you can, thanks to the new PETA video game called: “Fight Cage: Eliminate animal abuse.”

PETA has released the new video game where people can punch animal abusers, while rescuing the animal. The online video game gives the player three real life MMA fighters to choose from. Then, players can beat up the animal abusers and let the animals out of its cages.

In a press release PETA said: “Fight Cage” gives you the chance to combat cruel animal experimenters. It doesn’t just show you how animals suffer in laboratories, while you’re fighting abusers, you can use PETA’s website to fire off protest letters to real-world institutions that cage, poison, and kill animals.” Mobile video not loading? Click here to view