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Wendy’s employee causes outrage after eating ice cream out of machine

By Mason White 7:31 AM June 13, 2013
Wendy’s employee eats ice cream out of machine 

By: David Ross
Seems like restaurant workers are looking to become famous and make it on the news with their disgusting antics.

Recently, we have brought you stories about outrageous restaurant employees who have eaten or licked food, which was meant for customers.

This time, a photo has appeared on a social media website, which shows an employee of Wendy’s receiving Frosty ice cream into his mouth directly from the from dispenser. Bob Bertini, a spokesperson for Wendy’s, said that the employee’s action are totally inexcusable, and they are investigating the incident.

Is this a new trend? Perhaps you remember the pizza delivery man who has been caught on video eating toppings from a customer’s pizza pie, according to video uploaded to the internet. The man was seen in an elevator, in St. Petersburg, Russia on his way to make a delivery when he opened the customer’s pizza box, picked off the toppings and ate it.

In another incident, a Taco Bell employee was fired after a photo showed him in uniform inside a Taco Bell restaurant licking a stack of about 30 tacos. These photos might have given the employees temporary fame, but in the end, they lost their jobs and it might take a while before someone hires them again.