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Man wears wedding gown to propose to girlfriend

By Mason White 11:58 AM June 14, 2013
Liu Wang proposing to Liang Sun 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Popping the question is not an easy task, and it also requires creativity.

Many women expect the marriage proposals to be unique and one that they came brag about to their friends for many years to come.

One man decided to show his girlfriend how serious he was about marrying her, and how much he loved her. He did it by picking out a wedding gown and proposing in it. Liu Wang, 23, wanted his girlfriend, Liang Sun, 23, to become his wife. He chose a beautiful wedding gown, and then wore it himself during the proposal.

Wang hired florists to decorate his girlfriend’s room at their university in Chongqing city, Southern China, with a heart-shaped display of flowers. Then, he dressed up in the wedding gown. He added a banner on the wall that read: “Bride – I love you.” “I wore the wedding gown because I wanted to tell her that one day I want to see her in this gown at my side. She knows that I would do anything for her,” Wang said.

In another unique proposal, Travis Pratt proposed to girlfriend live on ‘America’s Got Talent’ show, Pratt was a contestant on a recent audition of the America’s Got Talent show. He explained that he did not have the confidence to come to the show, but it was his girlfriend who persuaded him to do so.

Pratt, who lives in Georgia, blew the judges and audience away with his opera song. After learning that it was Pratt’s girlfriend, who encouraged him to sing on the show, Howie Mandel, convinced her to go on stage. He complemented the girl on giving her man the courage to share his talent with the world.

Mandel asked the woman how long they had been together. “Five years,” she replied. Then Travis got down on one knee and proposed to his girl. “I’ve loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you,” he said. “Will you marry me?” He asked her. She said: “Yes.”

His performance, earned him and his fiance, a trip to Hollywood for the next round of the show.