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Man arrested after counterfeit money is found in printer he was returning to Walmart

By Mason White 12:29 PM June 16, 2013
Jarad Carr 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after he tried to return a used printer to Walmart.

Walmart has an easy return policy, as they take any item back, no questions asked, if one returns the product with a receipt.

It seems like people are taking advantage of the policy by using an item and then returning it when they are done with it. Jarad Carr, was one such person, as he tried to return a used printer. His problem was that he did not have his receipt to prove that he bought it at the store.

Carr tried to return the printer to a Walmart in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin, without any proof that he bought it there. When Walmart employees refused to take the printer back, Carr raised a ruckus, which prompted an employee to call the local police.

Employees examined the machine and found a single sheet of copy paper with two fake $100 bills printed on it. When officers arrived and heard about the counterfeit bills found in the printer, they searched Carr and allegedly found another $300 in counterfeit cash on him.

Officials of the Lake Hallie police are still searching for a man who was with Carr at Walmart at the time of the incident, but left before police arrived. Carr was charged with attempted theft by fraud, forgery and resisting arrest.
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