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Assistant principal arrested after returning bloody motel room key

By Mason White 12:50 PM June 16, 2013
Neville Palmer 

By: Eva Fett
A Kentucky man was arrested after his motel room key had blood on it.

Neville Palmer, 37, of Christian County, Kentucky, who is a Middle School Assistant Principal, was arrested by police after a motel owner reported seeing blood on his motel key.

The owner of the Super 7 Inn called the police at 7:25 pm to report that the man, who occupied room #112, returned the room key with blood on it. After returning his key, the man walked away from the motel.

The motel owner checked the room and found it to be trashed with broken pictures, empty beer cans and a small amount of blood splattered in the room. Police searched the area but could not find the suspect. Then, an employee at the nearby Broadbent Inn called police about a man that matches the description of the suspect. That man turned out to be Palmer.

Palmer was arrested, but the blood apparently came from a cut on his hand. He was taken to Trigg County Hospital for treatment of his cut. Palmer was subsequently charged with alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, and he was taken to the Christian County Jail.