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Grandfather, grandson arrested with $12,000 worth of drugs

By Mason White 6:26 PM June 17, 2013
Troy and Albert Martin 

By: Shifra Unger
A man and his grandson were arrested after they allegedly shared a business venture together.

The 73-year-old grandfather and his grandson were arrested in a drug raid in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after police found $12,000 worth of heroin in their house. Police also found drug packaging material and firearms in their home during the search.

Police raided the home on Friday after a three-month long investigation of the two. Albert Martin, and his grandson, Troy Martin, 20, were both arrested for drug related charges, while the younger Martin face additional charges of gun possession after his gun was uncovered during the raid.

Police said they found 24 bricks of heroin with a street value of $12,000 and cocaine worth $1,000. They also said they found two pistols with a 30-round magazine as well as $4,220 in cash.