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Snake caught on video opening door in woman’s house

By Mason White 7:29 AM June 19, 2013
Snake opens a door 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) Many women will admit that they freak out when they see a snake, even if it is just a small snake.

Snakes can be fascinating, the way the move, the way they eat, and their colors are very pretty. Most people like to see them when they are in a zoo behind a glass protector.

It seems like there are some people, who are not afraid of snakes, on the contrary they love snakes so much that they bring the snake into their home as their pet.

One woman, who has a pet snake, uploaded a video showing that her snake can open her door. The snake named Julius, lives in Germany with its owner, a Vimeo user named Jenner. The video caption said that this video was taken at 1:00 am, when Julius got bored of being in a dark room.

He let himself out of the room by opening the door. It seems a bit scary that such a huge snake can open a door by itself. I would warn the neighbors to watch out as they may have a midnight guest when the snake gets bored. Mobile video not loading? Click here to view