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Canine Holiday Resort offers $70,000 vacation package for pampered dogs

By Mason White 7:31 AM June 19, 2013
Dogs at the beach 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) Did you ever want to treat your dog to an upscale vacation? Now you can.

Your dog can stay at the “The Paw Seasons,” luxury dog hotel, and it will be treated with royalty during its stay.

Spa treatments, manicures and pedicures, are also on offer, as well as a personal chef at meal times and a selection of movies related to dogs for the animal to see, like 101 Dalmatians and Lassie. Outdoor activities for the dog includes surfing lessons and playing at the beach.

“The Paw Seasons,” dog guests, will be the envy of all dogs as they will be dressed in a luxury wardrobe of Louis Vuitton collar, Bottega Veneta leash and Mulberry rain mac. Each dog will reportedly be given its own custom-made dog house, a replica of their owner’s home. The package costs about $70,000 per dog.

Dog behavior expert and author Stan Rawlinson will be on hand. The main goal of the hotel is to give dog owners time to go on vacation without worrying about their beloved pets. The Paw Seasons staff promise to updated owners via Facebook and YouTube on what their pets are doing .

Jenny Hytner-Marriott, is the founder of “The Paw Seasons,” which is located in Bristol, London. On her website she wrote:
“Most of our guests arrive with a good supply of their usual food, but if you’d like us to order organic juicy steaks, we’ll arrange it.”

“The Paw Seasons” operates a personalised shuttle service to pick up and drop off your dog from your home or office on the day and at the time you prefer.
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