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Man arrested after argument over constitutional right to have sex with goat

By Mason White 1:03 PM June 20, 2013
Goat illustration 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after fighting with another man.

The fight started after the two had a discussion about the right to have sex with an animal.

Shaun Keith Orris, 41, of Waukesha, Wisconsin, is accused of harassing bar patrons about their feelings on the constitutionality of the human right to bestiality.

Orris threatened a bar owner with a knife after the bar owner asked him to leave the bar for bothering customers about the constitutional right to have sex with a goat. Orris called police about 2:45 am to report that he had been “battered and bloodied” for asking a question in a bar.

When police arrived, the bar owner said Orris was drunk and had been asking other patrons at the bar whether or not they thought they had the constitutional right to have sex with a goat. The owner said he asked Orris to leave and when Orris refused, they got into a physical altercation. Orris was left with a cut on his forehead.

Orris allegedly told investigators that after the altercation he went home, took a knife and returned to the bar. Orris was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon.

On the way to the hospital, police said he started screaming that he had a constitutional right to have sex with a goat, then he began to laugh uncontrollably. Orris is not the only one who defends bestiality as a constitutional right. After he was arrested, Carlos Romero of Florida argued in court that it was his constitutional right to have sex with his miniature donkey, Doodle.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view