Thief caught after using see-through bag on his head as disguise

Thief with see-through bag on his head 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man, who was dubbed Britain’s most stupid criminal, was jailed.

This silly thief decided to hold up a gas station and disguised himself with a see-through plastic bag over his head.

Jamie Neil, 41, of Cornwall, England was sentenced to two years in jail for his role in the robbery. Neil was together with his accomplice Gareth Tilley, 20, when they entered Co-op gas station in St. Austell, Cornwall, and tried to rob the place.

The two men were allegedly drunk and high on medication. Before they entered the gas station, Neil, grabbed a see-through plastic bag and put it over his face, while Tilley covered his face with a scarf. The pair went up to the counter, and Tilley used a cellphone as a gun.

The two crooks threatened the shop's cashier, Kim Clowes, demanding all the money from the register. Then, things turned ugly for the thieves when the phone’s keypad lit up, allowing the woman to see that they were not holding a gun, but rather a harmless phone. That’s when she hit the alarm.

Neil headbutted the employee before the pair grabbed several bottles of alcoholic beverages and fled the scene. Detective Steve White said the plastic bag on Neil’s head was the most "ridiculous" disguise that he had ever seen. Police were able to identify the thieves after looking at the CCTV surveillance video.

Tilley was sentenced to two years in Young Offender Institution, which is a British prison intended for offenders aged between 18 to 20. Neil was sentenced to two years in a regular prison.

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