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Walmart suing own employees after protesting low wages

By Mason White 10:18 AM June 21, 2013
Walmart protesters 

By: Moses Gold
Walmart is suing their employees and labor union, who are protesting in front of their stores.

Walmart is looking to keep protesters away from its stores across the country.

Walmart employees have used the Walmart official slogan in their protest. “Walmart always low wages”, some of the signs held by protesters said.

In the lawsuit filed by Walmart, they allege that the protesters have been “confrontational and abusive.” They shout through megaphones while parading around with banners and posters in-front of the store. They allegedly also held flash mobs in the stores. Walmart also claims that the protesters are disturbing business.

The union, United Food and Commercial Workers International, has tried to mobilize workers at Walmart for the past year. The group accuses Walmart of mistreating workers by not paying enough and by not offering adequate benefits. United Food and Commercial Workers International members also used a website called where employees and activists aired their grievances against Walmart.

The union ignored the “cease and desist” orders sent to them by Walmart, asking them to stop trespassing at the Walmart stores since some of its demonstrations “have turned confrontational and abusive,” according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit seeks to keep protesters from engaging in illegal activities such as picketing, patrolling, parading, demonstrating, and holding flash mobs at the store.