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Widow finds strange woman’s name on her husband’s headstone

By Mason White 7:42 PM June 22, 2013
Bill Fielden’s gravestone 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video)A woman was horrified when she saw a strange woman’s name on her husbands headstone.

A military widow wants answers. She wants to know why another woman’s name is engraved on the tombstone of her husband.

Edna Fielden has been visiting her husband’s grave site for many years. Recently, she was at the gravesite in Fort Logan, Denver, Colorado, and was shocked to discover a woman’s name on his gravestone. Air Force Sergeant Billy Fielden was buried in the cemetery 25-years-ago. “I used to come here and I always talked to him,” Fielden, who has since moved more than 700 miles away, said.

One day, she took her grandchildren to the gravesite. “I wanted to take the grandchildren to meet the man who served his country for 26 years, and served his family until a heart attack took him,” Fielden said. She never imagined what they would find when they went to visit her late husband’s grave on Saturday. “A piece of my heart broke off, I gasped and asked who is this,” Fielden said. “Dolores his wife” is engraved on his tombstone.

Fielden panicked as she thought the other woman was buried next to her husband where she wants to be laid to rest. “I thought this woman was in the grave with him,” Fielden said. All weekend, she worried, but could not get any answer because the cemetery offices were closed.

Cemetery director Joe Turnbach said that the woman named on Bill’s headstone is buried with her own husband in another plot. Turnbach said that he believes a tombstone engraver made the mistake over a decade ago, but never told anyone. “I want to apologize to the family and somehow want to do this well,” Turnbach said.

Turnbach promises to have a new headstone at Fort Logan delivered in two weeks, but the woman wants her husband’s body removed from that cemetery. Now she wants the body moved closer to where she lives in Minnesota. Turnbach pledged to start the process of filing the paperwork to make this happen, but said that government permission can be a lengthy process.

Fielden said that the resting place of her husband will never feel the same after seeing a strange woman’s name on his headstone. “I do not want him here anymore,” Fielden said.
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