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Canadian woman discovers her husband is an ex-con from the U.S.

By Mason White 1:27 PM June 23, 2013
Sheri Brown with husband Timothy Szabolci 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A woman thought she was married to a retired doctor until she found a video of him online.

Timothy Szabolci was looking for a second chance in life after serving time in U.S. prison and being deported to Canada.

His plan backfired after his wife found out about his criminal background through a video she found online. Sheri Brown of British Columbia, is a Canadian real estate agent. She was shocked when she discovered her husband was not the retired psychiatrist, who he claimed to be, but rather a criminal from the U.S.

Brown fell in love and married Timothy Szabolci, the man she thought was a retired psychiatrist and a former Canadian Air Force pilot. The two met, and they got married just four months after their first date. “He was a gentleman, and he always opened the car door for me. He made dinner for me every night. He was just loving and caring,” Brown said about her husband.

It was not until the unpaid bills started piling up that she realized that something was not right. Szabolci explained that his accounts were frozen so Brown started to support him. She paid all their bills. After spending about $50,000 Brown decided to Google his name.

While doing some research, she found a story on CBS that aired in 2007 about a man by the name of Andrew Szadolc, who was arrested on charges that he had worked as a psychiatrist without a licence. Although his name was different then the man she married, Szadolc looked exactly like her husband.

Szabolic had been running a pain management clinic in Texas, and was arrested for impersonating a doctor and practicing without a license. He was convicted of stealing about $30,000, and was sentenced to five years in prison in October 2009. However, after a year, he was paroled and deported to Canada. As of now, his probation is up, which means that he can return to the U.S. at any time.

“It was very difficult to see a video of my husband, with a different name, to be arrested and sent to jail in Texas,” Brown said. Brown was distressed to learn about her husband’s past and has filed for divorce. She also contacted the Royal Canadian Police.
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