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Psychic wins $190,000 lawsuit against newspaper it claimed she was a fraud

By Mason White 9:42 AM June 24, 2013
Psychic Sally Morgan 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A psychic sued a newspaper and won after they claimed she was a fraud.

British psychic Sally Morgan, who claims that she talks to the dead, won a substantial legal settlement with a British newspaper that claimed that she “deliberately and dishonestly” deceived an Irish audience.

The popular British newspaper Daily Mail has agreed to pay psychic Morgan $193,000 in damages for an article which stated that she used a hidden earpiece during a performance in order to appear as if he was receiving messages from the spirit world.

The article written by Paul Zenon, made ​​the allegations after two women of Dublin, who attended the performance, called a radio station and said that they heard two crew members saying things, which Morgan then repeated on stage.

The crew members, who were accused by the Daily Mail as being part of the scam, were actually subcontracted by the theater and were not members of Morgan’s team. Morgan sued the Daily Mail, and they agreed to settle. As part of the settlement, representatives of Associated Newspapers Limited, Daily Mail’s publisher, apologized to Morgan and agreed to pay her legal costs.

Morgan believes the settlement will go a long way to show that she is legit. On her website she wrote: “There will always be skeptics, who attack my work. I understand and accept that. However, to slander me and falsely accuse me of being a con-artist does not constitute rational commentary or debate. I hope this settlement and apology will repair the damage that has been done.”

However, an editorial writer for the Telegraph, Tom Chivers, explains that the lawsuit was about whether or not Morgan used an earpiece during the show, not whether she really talks to the dead.