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Grocery store thief caught after getting stuck in window and begging police to take him to bathroom

By Mason White 10:00 AM June 25, 2013
Chad Adam Winslow 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A Police officer caught a burglar after he got stuck in a window while trying to escape.

Deputies in Orange County, Florida, found the man covered in grease, stuck in the window of a grocery store on Saturday morning.

The burglar begged police for help because he desperately needed to use the bathroom.

According to deputies, Chad Adam Winslow got into Sam’s Discount Food Store, through a grease trap on the roof of the store. As a result, the store alarm went off. When a deputy responded, he saw Winslow, 34, trapped in the window. After Winslow got into the store, police said he did not to go after the cash register.

Instead, he drank juice and took a ham sandwich. He tried to take some other stuff such as magazines and cigarettes. When Winslow entered through the grease trap, it left him covered in grease, leaving his fingerprints and shoe prints throughout the store.
The thief eventually realized that the doors were closed with bars.

Orange County Deputy Kent Matherne said he saw something unusual just before 4:00 am on Saturday, when he responded to the alarm at the grocery store. “I saw two windows broken when I parked on the street,” he said.

“As I was going up, I saw a white man trapped halfway through the window, and when I approached him, I told him who I was,” the officer said. The burglar asked the officer to help him get out. “I’m stuck, and I have to take a poop,” Winslow told the officer.

Winslow had several cuts and scratches on his arms and legs. He was taken to Apopka Florida Hospital to be treated for his injuries, and then he was taken to the Orange County Jail, where he was held on $100 bond.
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