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Revenge: Russian driver fills parked car with cement for blocking his driveway

By Mason White 11:27 AM June 27, 2013
Car being filled with cement  

By: Debbi Gross
(Scroll down for video) A man was angry after someone blocked his driveway, and in revenge he destroyed the parked car.

A man in Russia wanted to leave with his car, but he found that a blue car had blocked him in.

In anger, the man grabbed a baseball bat and broke the driver side window. He also managed to roll the car to the side. After rolling the car out-of-the-way, the man is seen in the video making a call on his cell phone. Then, a cement truck came rumbling down the street.

The cement truck stopped next to the blue car and pumped concrete through the broken window. He filled the car with cement until all the seats were covered. Onlookers were heard laughing, taking photos and video of the destroyed car. Finally satisfied with his revenge, the driver who was blocked in, is seen driving away. I am sure the driver of the blue car will never double park in Russia again.

Also, an angry bus driver was seen on video ramming his bus into vehicles that cut him off on the roadway, according to video uploaded to the internet. The Russian bus driver, who was nicknamed “The Punisher”, has been delivering vigilante justice against motorists who cut him off by ramming into the back of their vehicles.

Alexei Volkov took a no-nonsense approach to vehicles which sped up in front of his bus. The driver even recorded video of his encounters with his dash cam. The video, which went viral on the internet, shows him hitting unsuspecting motorists who have just cut him off. Volkov claims to have rammed more than 100 vehicles.

The driver also said that the road is gradually becoming more safe due to his justice. “The situation is improving slowly because of my work,” he said. He does not regret his actions, which surprisingly did not cause serious injury. Even more remarkable is the fact that the company for which he works for does not seem too concerned about his antics.

“It is not my fault, so the management does not care,” he added. “The bus usually receives only minor damage. If the damage is more serious, they just wait for insurance payments and then repair it,” Volkov said.
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