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Kim Kardashian’s friend busted for selling photo of her baby

By Mason White 12:51 PM June 28, 2013
Baby photo sent to Kim Kardashian’s friend 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
After many scandals where private and personal photos were released to the media, Kim Kardashian may finally know who did it.

Just like her mother, Kardashian is a smart and savvy woman.

In an effort to find out which one of her so-called close friends would betray her in order to make money off of her, the new mom allegedly conducted an experiment. Kardashian sent different baby photos to each of her friends. She sent different photos to all of her friends in order to find out whose photo will end up in the tabloids.

Seems like her plan worked. TMZ has released one photo which they have received from a close friend of Kardashian. Although TMZ would not release the source of the photo, Kardashian knows exactly who sold TMZ also revealed that another friend also tried to sell them a different photo of the newborn baby.

TMZ said: “Our sources have seen the picture and say it’s the real deal.” Kim and Kanye are no strangers to media controversy, when they started dating they were pulled off a plane by TSA agents.

Celebrities are used to getting royal treatment, but this time it did not work out for celebrity lovebirds Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian, as they were pulled off a plane for a TSA security check. West, and Kardashian, caused a plane full of passengers to wait almost an hour for takeoff at JFK airport, after an airline employee apparently allowed the two to bypass the security checkpoint, according to reports.

The stars, were running late for their American Airlines flight and they were led around a security checkpoint so they can quickly board the plane from New York to Los Angeles. The stars arrived at JFK, on a flight from Rio de Janeiro. They were cleared by customs and went through the luggage area, when the airline employee escorted them through a restricted area, according to reports.

Airport officials soon learned of the special treatment of West. with Kardashian, and ordered them to be taken off from the plane. Then, the stars went through a pat down by TSA agents. The incident delayed the flight for almost an hour. Rules require all airline passengers to pass through the TSA security check at the airport and stars have to play by the same rules as any other passenger.