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100-year-old great-grandmother graduates from primary school

By Mason White 1:01 PM June 28, 2013
Manuela Hernandez shows off her diploma  

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) It was a proud moment for an elderly woman, as her children, grandchildren and her great-grandchildren watched her graduate.

Manuela Hernandez is 100-years-old. Her family was proud of her that she took the plunge, and that she was finally able to fulfil her dream of going to school to get a basic education.

The Mexican grandmother accomplished what she set out to do, when she graduated from primary school at the age of 100. Manuela Hernandez, who was born in the Oaxaca, Mexico, in June of 1913, left primary school to help her poor family with household chores.

Hernandez explained that her family was very poor and her mother did not have the money to send her to school, although she did attend school in her younger years. When her mother needed someone to look after the young child while she was working, she quit school.

As soon as she reached primary school, she was able to do some household chores, so her mother pulled her out of school. Last year, at age 99, with the encouragement of her grandchildren, she resumed her studies. Now, she was given her diploma at a ceremony held in the southern Mexican state.

Hernandez is looking forward to continuing her studies as she will be going to secondary school. More than half of the residents of the state of Oaxaca, who are over the age of 15, have not completed their primary school education.
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