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Some people spend $150,000 for their car wash

By Mason White 1:17 PM June 28, 2013
Paul Wilkins 

By: Debbi Gross
(Scroll down for video) Some people love their car so much that they are willing to spend a lot of money to keep it in perfect condition.

While many people are content by using a hose to wash their cars, others would rather go to a car wash to keep their car looking good.

For some car owners, who have money to burn and the car to show off, they hire a specialty car cleaning company, “The Ultimate Shine” based in Kirkcaldy, Scotland to do the job. The company is offering the ultimate experience for cleaning the car at the astronomical $150,000.

Paul Wilkins, 34, who owns and runs “The Ultimate Shine” said his service is not designed for the average driver, who keeps the car parked on the road, but rather for expensive and collectible cars which are kept in temperature-controlled showrooms and the owner wants it to look perfect.

Although he would not reveal the identities of his high-profile clients, Wilkins said he cleans about three cars at a price $150,000 a year. Wilkins travels to where the car is parked so there is no need for the owner to bring the car to him.

“I’m a perfectionist, it’s a true joy for me to turn an amazing car into absolute perfection,” Wilkins said.
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