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Thief steals inexpensive shed while leaving its expensive contents behind

By Mason White 1:32 PM June 30, 2013
Nick Thomas sits where his shed used to be 

By: Debbi Gross
A thief entered a man’s property and stole his shed, but did not take any of the items that were in the shed.

Nick Thomas, 51, was surprised when he realized that a thief had stolen his wooden shed during the night.

The shed is worth only about $60. The most interesting thing about the theft was that the thief left all the spades, forks and other garden equipment behind. Thomas, who is a self-employed gardener in Gloucestershire, England, said he cannot understand why anyone would want to steal an old shed.

Thomas said he was very surprised that someone would go through the hassle of stealing an old shed and then leave its contents behind. “How much money can he get if he tries to sell the used shed, which can be bought for about $60 brand new?” Thomas said.

According to Thomas, his shed did not have too many valuable stuff. There were no electronic tools in there just simple things used for basic gardening such as shovels and forks, he said. “I had no power tools or anything expensive in there, maybe that’s why the thief did not bother to haul it all away,” he said.

After he failed to find the owner’s expensive gardening tools in the shed, the angry thief poured a chemical over the gardener’s vegetables, which ruined all the vegetables. “I had been growing cabbage, broccoli, sprouts and other plants, but they are now all ruined,” Thomas said.