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Man stranded in flooded street demands piggy back ride from firefighters

By Mason White 1:39 PM June 30, 2013
Man being carried by firefighters 

By: Sarah Weiss
A man has angered many people after he demanded to be carried to safety during a rescue mission.

A bus driver was dubbed a coward after he insisted on being carried, piggy back style.

After a heavy rain, firefighters were called to help people get across the thigh high water in southern China. One man, demanded that firefighters carry him on their shoulder because he did not want to get his feet wet. Wu Feng, a bus driver, refused to get out of his bus to walk to safety after a downpour of rain caused a flood in the streets of Zigong, Sichuan Province, in China.

Feng was one of seven being rescued by the hero firefighter, 23-year-old Zhang Liying. While the other adults walked in the water with Liying’s help, the bus driver was the only one who insisted on being carried through the water.

Photos emerged of the firefighter carrying Feng on his shoulder causing outrage not only in his town, but through social media sites where the photo was posted. Many people in China have called the man lazy and a coward.

“I was disgusted when I saw the photo. If you look at the photo closely, you can see that the man, who demanded to be carried by the firefighter, appears to be bigger and stronger than the firefighter who carried him,” Leonor Salas, 40, of Columbus, Ohio told

Transportation officials have suspended the bus driver from his job pending an investigation.