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Rabbi brings mezuzahs to Jews in Montana

By Mason White 6:48 PM July 1, 2013
Rabbi Chaim Bruk 

By: Moses Gold
A rabbi is working to make sure that every Jewish home be equipped with a mezuzah.
Rabbi Chaim Bruk was on the back porch of Ella Lorentz’s house in Billings, Montana.

He showed Lorentz, who is a Jewish woman from Israel, how to place a mezuzah next to her door, a holy item, which Jews believe provides protection and blessings.

“Are you going to put it right there,” he told the woman. “You just push down,” he said.
She pressed her fingers against the small, rectangular acrylic-coated parchment, which contains the handwritten Shema, a Bible passage declaring that there is only one God.

Then he told her to repeat a series of words in Hebrew after him.
“There is a traditional blessing we say when we put up a mezuzah,” he said. “It is blessing and thanks to God for giving us the house to put this mezuzah,” he said.

“Now give it a kiss with your hand,” he said, and Lorentz touched her fingers with her lips and then placed her fingers on the mezuzah.

She already has a mezuzah on her front door.
“I just wanted one for the back door, too, for the blessings and protection of the house,” she said.

Bruk spoke for a few minutes with Lorentz and her husband, Matthew. Daughter Zoe, 2, was taking her afternoon nap, so she pulled out her cell phone to show the rabbi a picture of her.