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Outrage after Polish prosecutor calls the swastika ‘a symbol of happiness’

By Mason White 6:28 PM July 2, 2013
Swastika graffiti illustration 

By: John Roberts
Many people are outraged after a Polish prosecutor closed a case against a vandal who spray painted a swastika because it can be seen as a symbol of happiness.

Parliament Member Robert Tyszkiewicz called the decision made this week by a prosecutor in the eastern city of Bialystok to stop an investigation into a swastika spray painted on a power transformer, despite complaints from the residents, “a joke “.

The prosecutor said the swastika can be interpreted, not as a symbol of Nazism and the Holocaust, but as a Hindu symbol of “happiness and prosperity.”

Tyskiewicz referred the case to the Attorney General of Poland, Andrzej Seremet. “I have no evidence that the prosecutor has links to nationalists, but a person looking at the situation from the outside could get that impression,” Tyskiewicz said.

After a media storm about the case, the chief prosecutor of Bialystok, an area that has seen several cases of hate crimes, overturned the original decision, saying it was a mistake and procedures will continue.