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50 arrested 25 victims freed after police bust Chinese sex slave rings in Spain and France

By Mason White 4:50 AM July 3, 2013
Sex slaves illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
At least fifty people were arrested and charged with sex trafficking related charges after police busted several sex slave rings in Spain and France, according to police reports.

Spanish police said Monday that two Chinese crime gang rivals have been caught and arrested in Madrid. The rings brought women, including minors, from China, with the promise of well-paying jobs.
The crime rings then forced the women into prostitution.

The police operation, which was conducted in cooperation with the French police, has resulted in the arrest of 26 suspects in Spain and 25 in France, as well as “the release of 25 victims,” ​​according to a police statement.

The police statement further says:
“The victims, some of them minors, were recruited in their home country with the promise of a job in Spain, with a monthly salary of more than $5,000.”

The Chinese women came to Spain with false visas and were charged between $15,600 and $18,200 for the trip, a part of which had to be paid before leaving China.

Once in Spain their passports were confiscated by the ringleaders and the women were kept in tiny, windowless rooms in Parla, a southern suburb of Madrid.

Police said the women were forced into prostitution for at least a year and had to give 40 percent of their income to the ringleaders.

The police statement added that the two rivals rings owned 11 properties with a total value of more than $3 million. Agents seized cash along with various weapons and four cars.