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Korean tourists in Israel apologize to Jews for their suffering at the hands of Christians

By Mason White 7:17 PM July 4, 2013
Tourists handing out apology notes 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A group of Korean tourists spread out throughout Jerusalem and handed out notes apologizing for Jewish sufferings at the hands of Christians, according to posters uploaded to the internet.

The group of Korean tourists were last seen in the center of Jerusalem, handing out fliers apologizing for the atrocities of Christianity against the Jewish people.

According to the tourists, visiting the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum prompted them to seek the forgiveness of the Jewish people.
In the brochures, the tourists expressed regret for acts of murder and looting during the Crusades. It also asked for forgiveness of the murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust, since the Christian Church was silent.

“All this torment you suffered during 1,700 years from the Christian world is our fault,” the flyers said.
One of the tourists said that the group had recently visited Yad Vashem and was shocked by the torture Jews experienced during the Holocaust. that is when they decided to take to the streets and express their grief.

He believes that Jesus wants to apologize for the fact that many of his believers use the name of God to persecute Jews.
Some of the passerby, who received the notes of apology, were moved by the strange gesture, and stayed to talk to members of the group.