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Chinese school officials prohibit girls from wearing bras during tests

By Mason White 5:26 AM July 8, 2013
Chinese student being thoroughly checked 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) In order to clamp down on cheating Chinese school officials have decided to ban girls from wearing bras during testing.

Official said that education chiefs in northeastern China, have devised a new tactic to curb cheating during the annual college entrance exams, no more bras.

Before this week’s gaokao, which is the name of test week in China, schools in the Jilin province have banned any metal objects or clothing that set off metal detectors installed outside examination rooms.

The move is reportedly an attempt to prevent increasingly brazen and sophisticated cheaters from sneaking listening devices or transmitters into the exam room.

“This year, Jilin will take the entrance exam under the strictest security control in history,” the local government said.
A letter was sent to parents that described the new policy. “Students and staff entering the exam site will have their clothes, accessories, shoes, hats and any carry-ins strictly controlled by professionals and will only be allowed to enter if no alarms go off. Therefore, anything containing metal that can trigger security machines should not be worn,” the letter stated.

Bras were banned while students with metal fillings or implants would have to produce a doctor’s note.
About 9,120,000 students take the gaokao exams each year. Last year, over 60,000 electronic devices were seized, including plastic headphones, wireless signal receivers, modified pens, watches, sunglasses and leather belts.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view