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Police seize chicken 46 years after sell-by date

By Mason White 6:27 AM July 9, 2013
Chicken feet illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) Police have confiscated a large amount of chicken with a sell-by date of 46 years ago, according to police reports in China.

China Police said that have seized 20 tons of chicken from a Vietnamese smuggling group including chicken legs that were 46 years past its sell-by date.

During a raid, police in the southwestern province of Guangxi, said they busted an underground network that had been flooding the Chinese market with low quality chicken feet, tripe and throat.

Among their discoveries were stomach-turning chicken legs that date back to 1967, when China was still ruled by Chairman Mao and the Tiananmen Square slaughter was still twenty-two years away.

Li Jianmin, a local security chief, said that the old chicken was treated with chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, to kill bacteria, extend the expiration date and make the feet white.

The chicken feet entered the market during a crucial year in the history of the world.
Under Chairman Mao, China was in the midst of the Cultural Revolution, fierce repression against landowners, intellectuals and religion that is believed to have claimed at least one million lives.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view