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California woman arrested after flashing boy on bike causing him to fall

By Mason White 5:21 AM July 12, 2013
Wenyi Xu and Nicholas Bowen 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with public indecency related charges after she flashed a young boy riding his bike, causing him to fall to the ground, according to police reports in California.

Davis Police said that a couple of boys riding their bikes through a park, got more than they bargained for when a woman flashed them while a man was recording the scene.

Wenyi Xu, 30, and her alleged accomplice, 61-year-old Nicholas Bowen, were arrested Wednesday after the naked woman caused one of the children to falls from his bike when he saw the woman open her long coat exposing her naked body.
Xu and Bowen have been charged with scaring a child, lewd acts in public and conspiracy. They were booked into the Monroe Detention Center.

The 30-year-old was also charged with indecent exposure, while her cameraman with aiding indecent exposure.
According to investigators, the strange incident took place on Wednesday morning at a city-owned park near the popular bike path on the north side of Covell Park.

Police officers responded to the area after receiving a call from an employee of the city around 9:25 am about a woman exposing herself to passing kids.
Authorities determined that Xu had intentionally stripped naked as two boys drove past her on their bikes.

The stunning view of the 30-year-old naked woman even caused one rider to fall off his bike, but police said he was not hurt. The children fled from the scene.

Bowen was busy taking pictures of the stunt, which they believe were planned for young audiences.
Davis Police believe there may be more victims in Davis, Sacramento County and El Dorado County.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view