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Man jailed after killing and burning his two children because his wife asked for divorce

By Mason White 5:23 AM July 15, 2013
Joseph Breton 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested, charged and convicted of murder related charges after he killed and burned his two children in order to get revenge against his wife, according to court proceedings in Spain.

Spain Police said that on October 8, 2011, two children, six-year-old Ruth, and two-year-old Joseph, disappeared during a visit to a park with their father, Joseph Breton, who claimed that he had lost his children. A police investigation however, revealed an entirely different story.

Breton, the father of the two children, was born in Cordoba in 1973, was a former army pilot and was unemployed. He was always the prime suspect in a case that had the police search for their bodies with trained dogs and ground-penetrating radar.

While the children were never found, detectives finally found the remains of a large fire in the building owned by the parents of Breton outside the southern Spanish city of Cordoba. The fire was so hot that it destroyed DNA evidence, but the children’s teeth were found in the ashes, which were later identified by forensic experts as belonging to the two children.

Breton was arrested 10 days after reporting the children missing and has been in jail ever since. Breton denied all charges and told officers: “You have nothing on me.”

Now, a jury found Joseph Breton guilty of murdering his two young children and burning their bodies to conceal the crime.
A jury of two men and seven women delivered the verdict this week, after hearing all the facts surrounding the disappearance of the two children.

While Breton always said he simply lost his children, the prosecution presented a case that he killed the children as revenge against his wife, who recently had filed for divorce.

144 expert witnesses at trial corroborated that Breton had bought sedatives to put his children to sleep. The evidence also showed that he had bought large amounts of diesel fuel to cremate their bodies.
Prosecutors are asking for a 40 year prison sentence.