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Transport for London slammed after agreeing with UAE to have no ties with Israel in latest project

By Mason White 6:44 PM July 16, 2013
Transport for London buses 

By: Sarah Weiss
The latest decision by the Transport for London has sparked anger among Jews after it had agreed with the United Arab Emirates to have no ties with Israel with regards to its latest cable car project.

Transport for London is facing criticism for its deal with the Emirates for a new cable car project in the capital.

According to the agreements, TfL must abide by the rules in the UAE, which includes having no ties with Israel or Israeli companies.
Amir Ofek, a spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in London, said the case raised “serious concerns”.

Zionist Federation President Paul Charney said: “This sets a dangerous precedent, allowing money to dictate UAE government policy through commercial contracts in London. Bilateral trade has doubled in the last year, making Israel one of the major trading partners of Britain. I’m sure this contractual exclusion would not benefit the U.K. in the long term. I call on the TfL to urgently discuss this issue with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Trade and reconsider this agreement before there is any lasting damage.”

TfL revealed the details after a Freedom of Information request.
The UAE has no diplomatic relations with Israel.
The latest deal is worth 36 million pounds over 10 years.