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Woman slapped with fine after leaving behind dog’s hair in park

By Mason White 3:53 AM July 21, 2013
Tracey Hayes with her dog 

By: Debbie Gross
A woman was hit with a littering fine after she left behind her dog’s hair at a park, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

London Police said that a woman was fined $76 after she brushed her dog’s hair in a park and leaving strands of hair on the floor.

Tracey Hayes, 46, said she was brushing her golden retrievers, Biskit, Alsatian, and Rocky, in Harrow Lodge Park waiting for her son to finish soccer practice on Wednesday, when a couple of officers approached her. The woman said that the officers didn’t allow her to clean up the hair and she was prohibited from leaving the area.

“I do not deny what I did so I will pay the fine, but it is very unfair to do that to people,” Hayes said. “The thing that disappointed me the most was that the officers were determined to slap me with a fine even though I offered to clean up the park. Obviously, all they were concerned about was the money, not the environment,” Hayes also said.

Andrew Curtin, a Havering Cabinet member of the Ministry of Culture, Towns and Communities, said he agrees with the fine.

“Responsible dog owners groom their pets at home or in their own garden, not in public places, and especially not in our parks. We put a lot of time and effort to keep our parks clean, so all residents could enjoy them. We will not tolerate when someone messes up the park,” he said.

“Anyone caught littering in public spaces will get a fine, whether they discarded a single cigarette butt or clumps of dog hair,” he also said.