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Girl, 5, seen hanging by her head from 24-story tower

By Mason White 11:18 AM July 22, 2013
The girl hanging by her head 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A little girl is lucky to be alive after she was found hanging by her head 210 feet above ground, according to fire officials in China.

Chinese fire officials said that a five-year-old girl was rescued by firefighters after becoming trapped between the bars of a window on the top floor of a 24-storey apartment tower.

Chinese television showed video of the girl holding onto the bars while rescue workers frantically tried to reach her.
The girl, who had been left in her house alone in Daye, Hubei Province, crawled out the room window on Saturday.

She went on to have her head stuck between the bars about 210 feet above the ground.
A neighbor heard her cry and called the police and firefighters.

When they arrived, they found the girl’s house locked from the inside.
They burst into the room and began to cut the window bars in order to rescue her.
A local resident crawled out from the neighbor’s window and rescued the child.

With one hand holding onto the bar, the man held the body of the girl with his ​​shoulder before rescuers wrapped her in a blanket and helped her back inside the house.

The girl was not the only child, who was rescued after hanging by her head.
A five years old boy apparently had his head stuck in a gated window after climbing over it in search of his mother.
The child was seen by locals hanging by his head from the gate.

A sheet was held on the ground directly below the child in case he fell.
Firefighters entered the apartment of the boy and managed to free him. The child was not injured.