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TSA confiscates shoes with heels made of replica guns

By Mason White 5:13 AM July 23, 2013
Heels made of replica guns 

By: John Roberts
A woman was left without her favorite shoes after the TSA took them because they had heels made out of replica guns, according to a report by the TSA.

However, those high-heeled shoes is not harmful at all, but rather poorly disguised weapons. Which, of course, do not belong on a plane.

These heels are not harmful, except perhaps for the feet of the person wearing them. Actually, the TSA called them replica weapons. The TSA said that replica weapons are not allowed on airplanes. So they were confiscated.

A photo of the shoes was uploaded to the internet by a representative of the Transportation Security Administration of public affairs with the caption: “Also, what not to wear through a checkpoint at LGA.”

LGA is the airport code of La Guardia Airport in New York City. It is unclear where the holder of the heels was. The shoes with the replica weapons were surrendered voluntarily, a spokesperson for the TSA said. No arrest was made and no report was taken.
If you are interested in high heels with weapons as a fashion statement, they are available to purchase from several retailers. They range in price from $60 to $125.

The TSA Blog has a weekly section on unusual items confiscated at security checkpoints at airports across the country. According to the blog, 49 firearms were seized last week. As a reminder, you can travel with firearms in checked baggage, but you must declare them to your airline.