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Woman seen on video shooting man to death after being threatened with umbrella

By Mason White 4:01 AM July 24, 2013
Woman pointing her gun at a man 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A woman is being held for questioning after she was seen on video shooting a man, who threatened her with an umbrella, according to police reports in Texas.

Houston Police said the details, despite the fact that the incident was caught on video, are somewhat fuzzy.
What is clear is that a 58-year-old man Louis Daniel has died and a woman is being questioned after she pulled a rifle from the trunk of her car and shot him, authorities said.

Houston Police are investigating the violent dispute Sunday night at a Gulf gas station in the south side neighborhood of the city.

The woman, who was filling up her car with gas, was aggressively approached by a man with an umbrella. The man also made unwanted sexual advances, police said.

She repeatedly told him to leave her alone, Houston investigators said.
In the video, the man is seen confronting the woman at the gas pump and at the entrance to the cashier booth.

More than once, the man is seen shaking his umbrella at the woman as she passed by him.
A witness, who can be seen walking a few feet away, said the man had a knife.

“Too many people do not know that he had a knife in his hand and had the umbrella in the other hand,” Jon Thomas said.
“She saw him with a knife so she pulled out her gun and pointed it at the ground as a warning,” Thomas said. “He kept walking towards her as if getting ready to do something, and that’s when she fired,” he said.

Darryl Daniel, the brother of the shooting victim, said it must have been a terrible misunderstanding.

“She did not know him, you know. I know that my brother would not hurt anybody,” Daniel said.
Police said a knife was found on the clothes of the dead man.
No charges have been filed yet in the ongoing police investigation.