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Service makes traveling to and from Israel with pets a breeze

By Mason White 11:59 AM July 24, 2013
Pets traveling in Israel 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) Are you planning to immigrate to Israel, but are worried about your pet? Now, a service will take care of your pet.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, founder and CEO at Terminal4Pets, said that pet owners relocate with pets on a daily basis. Some of them are grad students traveling abroad with 2 suitcases. Others are diplomats and members of the business community that are shipped overseas with the professional aid provided by the company.

They are entitled to support and funding in respect to: housing, work permits, schools, driver license and more. But those making Aliyah and returning to Israel after years face diverse challenges as they deal with every obstacle, from finding a permanent housing solution, through finding a job, forwarding all their belongings, catching up on their Hebrew etc. they have so much on their plate!

This is why our pet flight team at Terminal4Pets came up with the idea to expand the service provided to pet owners that make Aliyah or return to Israel without adding a Cent to the price!

The Israeli pet travel agency helps new comers settle in. Upon their arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, our team provides them with the V.I.P. service in which we release their pet from the cargo department and assist them throughout the security, custom clearance and passport inspection and immigration authorities, making sure their landing goes smoothly. Also, we have a car waiting to take them and their pet safely and comfortably, with their extended luggage, to their new residency.

In the event that they make plans to arrive in Israel prior to finding a home or wish to take some time to get settled down before welcoming their pet in their new home – our representative take the pet to our pet boarding facility, where they enjoy veterinarian supervision 24/7. Once the client gets settled in, we arrange the pet transport to the new home address.

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency does not take no for an answer. The Israeli Minister of Agriculture has banned certain breeds in the course of time. Among the banned breeds are Rottweilers, Amstaffs and more breeds that are favored by pet lovers abroad. Dog owners relocating to Israel temporally tend to think twice before importing a banned breed into Israel as the process is longer and much more complicated.

However, when a client makes Aliyah or returns to Israel FOR GOOD, we will overcome every obstacle to import the dog into Israel. No matter how long it takes or how hard we will have to fight, we will make sure that the dog makes its way to Israel with its owner.

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency is especially qualified to help people with special needs
Our pet flight consultants are the only professional shippers in the entire Middle East that deal with Emotional Support Animal (A.S.A).

We can help people with ‘special needs’ travel with their dog in the main cabin – right beside them – as an Emotional Support
Animal or guide dog. We are the only ones that can provide them with the documents needed to define a dog as A.S.A. also we will negotiate on our clients behalf with: airlines, airport authorities, doctors, social workers, psychiatrist and or any other expert, in order to guarantee that they get the physical and emotional support they need.

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency helps pet owners travel legally and safely to and from Israel. We offer unique advanced services which include: regulations and documents check, veterinarian support (relevant to pet shipping and importation), airline tickets for people and pets or cargo shipments, airline approved kennels, pet boarding facilities abroad and more.