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7 Iranians arrested after posing as Israelis with fake passports in Canada

By Mason White 2:59 PM July 25, 2013
An Israeli passport illustration 

By: Eva Fett
Seven Iranians were arrested for questioning after they were caught posing as Israelis with fake Israeli passports in Canada, according to police reports in Canada.

Canada Police said that two adults and five children were detained by authorities at Vancouver International Airport after they were found carrying fake passports of Israel. They also told authorities that they have family living in Rehovot, Israel. It was unclear when the incident occurred.

The seven people had arrived in Canada indirectly from Iran and planned to emigrate to Canada despite not having visas.

After discovering the forgeries, Canadian authorities contacted the Immigration and Population Authority of Israel, which confirmed the fake passports. Israeli officials said that the passports appear to have been stolen or lost by Israeli citizens. It is still unknown how the passports made their way to the Iranian family.

The passports at first seemed authentic, but a closer inspection revealed a variety of errors in the Hebrew language, including the misspelling of Jerusalem, the newspaper said. In the English language, it said that the passports were issued in the United States, while in Hebrew they said that they were issued in Rehovot, Israel.