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Irish man arrested for using water gun

By Mason White 5:11 AM July 31, 2013
Philip Deazley 

By: Sarah Weiss
A man was detained for using a weapon after he was caught using a water gun, according to police reports in Ireland.

Now, the young man has hit out at police after he was detained for shooting people with his water pistol.
The 21-year-old could be prosecuted after police failed to see the funny side of his joke in Portstewart, Co Londonderry.

A file on the incident has been sent by the police to the Public Ministry, which will consider whether or not to take legal action.

If convicted, Philip Deazley will have a criminal conviction for disorderly conduct as a result of what he said was “just a bit of harmless fun.”

“I think it’s an absolute joke,” Deazley said.

“There were about 10 other people with water guns that night, but I was the only person arrested. When the police arrested me they said I could fined 85 pounds for disorderly conduct, but I won’t pay that for a little water fun. I will go to court if it comes to that,” he also said.

Deazley, of Omagh, Co Tyrone, was in town on the north coast with a group of friends on that fateful night.
As they traveled along a busy road he sprinkled some other friends using a green and black water pistol. However, when he shot at a parked police Land Rover, Deazley ran into trouble with the officers inside.