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Georgia woman forced to prove her sex before getting a copy of her birth certificate

By Mason White 11:51 AM July 1, 2013
Nakia Grimes 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A woman was left embarrassed after a state worker asked her to prove that she was a woman.

The Georgia state worker has a little explaining to do after she allegedly demanded a woman to prove her sex before getting a copy of her birth certificate.

Nakia Grimes of Clayton County, tried to get her driver’s license renewed before her 37th birthday. In order to do so, she needed a birth certificate, and a passport as proof, but she did not have either of them. So she went to the government office to get a copy of her birth certificate where she was told that on her birth certificate she appeared as a male.

Grimes was shocked and said that she never realized that the wrong box was checked. Due to an error, she appears as male sex.

When I looked at my birth certificate, “I never looked at anything other than my name and date of birth. I never looked at the additional information,” Grimes said. She never noticed the x in one area of her birth certificate, she never realized that the box for male was checked instead of the one for female.

When she went to correct that mistake at the Vital Records service office, a worker told her she has to prove that she was really a woman. “She said I had to go to a PAP test, and have a doctor write a note to verify that I am a woman, and bring it back notarized,” Grimes said.

Instead of going to a doctor, Grimes reached out to the local media for help.
When the news media went to the Vital Records Service office, they promised to make things right.

Grimes has a son, after searching for the birth certificate of her son, Zion, which proved that she was the mother, officials made ​​the change and checked the correct box on her birth certificate.
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