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Man throws away his lovers hamster, claims she loved it more than him

By Mason White 11:53 AM July 1, 2013
Hamster illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
A man was arrested for theft after he broke into his former girlfriend’s house to get rid of her hamster.

The jealous man claimed that his girlfriend loved the hamster more than she loved him.

Andrew Walsh became resentful of the emotional bond between the hamster and his former girlfriend Julie Hanson. When she broke up with him, he decided to end her relationship with her pet as well. Walsh, 30, was was so jealous of the hamster, which was named Harry, that he broke into his former girlfriend’s house and took the hamster out of the cage.

He then released it to the street. He was not satisfied with getting rid of the pet, he also took the woman’s television set with him. The man was arrested for theft. Walsh of Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom, told police he “gave Harry his freedom”, the Blackpool Magistrates Court heard.

Walsh had met his former girlfriend earlier that night when he tried to rekindle their relationship, but Hanson blew him off. She told him she was sleeping at her mother’s house that night. Later that night, Walsh broke into her house because he knew she was not home.

Walsh broke the door down and then opened the cage door before leaving with the television. Hanson discovered the theft when she returned the next day and discovered that Harry was gone. Prosecutor Tracy Yates said: “Walsh had repeatedly asked Hanson to rekindle their relationship. When he saw her at bingo she told him she was going to stay with her mother for the night.”

“The next day she found her door broken and the door of her hamster’s cage was open. The hamster had disappeared and Walsh was very aware that she loved the hamster. He also knew that she had a strong emotional bond with the animal that Walsh did not like,” he added.

Thankfully, Harry the hamster was later found hiding under a carpet and is safe and well.
Walsh pleaded guilty to the theft and was ordered to do 150 hours of community service and was ordered to pay $230.