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Woman blames spider for running down two people in parking lot

By Mason White 11:39 AM July 4, 2013
Spider in car illustration  

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) Some women are known to be scared of small creatures.

One woman was so freaked out by a spider in her van, that she crashed into people in a parking lot.

Sandra Rivera of Indianapolis, Indiana, blamed the spider for the accident. She told police that a spider in her van made ​​her hit two people, sending them to a hospital.

Rivera drove her minivan. She did not concentrate on her driving because she was worried about the spider. She suddenly struck two people. The people, who were identified as Novma Gonzales, 31, and Manuel Tapia, 28, both of Indianapolis, were hit as they walked through the lot.

Rivera told officers that she had been distracted by a spider in the van causing her to hit Tapia and Gonzales. The two suffered leg injuries and were hospitalized.

In another incident, a woman was left wounded and embarrassed after she crashed her car into a home because she was fooling around with her boyfriend while she was behind the wheel.

30-year-old Asia Walker, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into an unoccupied house near Daytona Beach, Florida. The vehicle, crashed into the house and drove through two rooms of the house. The impact was so strong that the pressure blew out a window in another part of the house.

A Florida Highway Patrol officer said that Walker was injured when debris fell into the vehicle. She was taken to Halifax Medical Center. Her boyfriend, Charles Phillips, was not injured.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson, Kim Montes, Walker told the investigators, that she and her boyfriend “were getting a little amorous,” before she lost control of the vehicle.
Walker was charged with careless driving.