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Adults fight over McDonald’s Hello Kitty dolls

By Mason White 11:40 AM July 4, 2013
McDonald’s Hello Kitty doll 

By: Shifra Unger
McDonald’s pulled the plug on their Hello Kitty doll promotion after adults were fighting to get their hands on the doll.

The latest Hello Kitty toy promotion by McDonald’s has come to an end after weeks of fighting, black market sales and lines that lasted up to six hours.

The “Fairy Tale Collection” was introduced by the fast food chain in Singapore, and has caused a lot of havoc. Hundreds of people waited in line for up to six hours to buy the stuffed toys.
Many of them wanted the toy to complete their McDonald’s Hello Kitty doll collections. However, there were a number of customers who had a different motive, to make a profit.

Hundreds of people began lining up the night before the toy was released, and they were sold out within 24 hours.
After getting the doll, some people put it up for auction on ebay. One such doll was reportedly sold on ebay for $126,000. So far, it is not publicly known if the bid was placed by a legitimate buyer.

The second highest bid is currently at $5,000. Many of these plush dolls were also sold online through Facebook and other social networking sites.
McDonald’s limits the amount of toys each customer can get, up to four dolls.
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