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Couple arrested after trying to steal pizza from women, calling them fat, which led to a fight

By Mason White 11:50 AM July 9, 2013
George Joseph Burns and Midiala Siverio Dunn 

By: Moses Gold
A couple walked into a eatery and took pizza out of a box from two women they called “fat”.

Deputies were called to Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill Bar in the Florida Keys on Thursday night after a fight broke out.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff, a couple of Key Largo, went out to eat with their 21-year-old daughter and her friend. They had all been eating pizza at the bar, when a couple from Miami, Florida, approached their table and tried to swipe some pizza from their box.

This led to a confrontation, especially after the couple, George Joseph Burns, 44, and Midiala Siverio Dunn, 43, began calling the two women “fat”, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Things deteriorated rapidly, when Burns allegedly attacked the two women, knocking one of the women to the ground, deputies said.

After the incident, Burns and Dunn allegedly left the eatery, but one of the women’s father was angry about the couple’s behavior towards his daughter and her friend. The man met the couple in the parking lot, where both men began fighting.

A woman on the street saw them fighting, she intervened and tried to stop the fight. Dunn told her to move out of harm’s way, and then he allegedly punched her.
Police were called and several witnesses corroborated the story told by the couple and the two women of Key Largo, deputies said.

After Burns and Dunn were both treated for injuries at a hospital, they were arrested and taken to jail. Burns was charged with three counts of assault and Dunn was charged with one count of assault.