Woman finally jailed after falsely accusing five former boyfriends of rape

Leanne Black 
By: Eva Fett

Before hooking up with a girl, you might want to check her track record of calling the cops on her former boyfriends.

A woman was finally jailed after having five of her former boyfriends arrested on false rape allegations.

Leanne Black, 32, of Wales, United kingdom, made a series of false accusations of rape against five men over a period of eight years.

Whenever one of her boyfriends wanted to break up with her or when they got into a fight, Black, called police and made false rape and sexual assault allegations, which lead to the men being arrested.

Over eight years, she had repeatedly called police on her boyfriends. In one case, the 32-year-old said that she had been drugged and raped by the man. In another incident, she told police that the boyfriend kidnapped and molested her.

Judge William Gaskell, of Cwmbran, South Wales, sentenced Black to two years in prison after hearing that the innocent men faced up to five years in prison if they would have been convicted of the serious allegations.
The judge condemned her actions, saying that genuine rape victims will be undermined by her lies.

The court heard that in the latest case, her boyfriend Kevin Crowley, was arrested on suspicion of rape. It all started after he called police to report that Black had assaulted him by throwing plates at him.

Prosecutor David Wooler said that when officers arrived at the scene of the domestic violence at the house where Black and her boyfriend shared, she turned the tables on him. Wooler said: “When questioned by police, she told them that her boyfriend had raped her while she slept in their apartment.”

Newport Crown Court heard that in some cases, Black had made the allegation of rape, but the case never proceeded.
Black was arrested and finally admitted to her lies. She took a plea deal and she pleaded guilty to one count of obstruction of justice against Crowley.