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Motorcycle driver rescues coffee cup and returns it to woman while driving

By Mason White 11:52 AM July 11, 2013
Motorcycle driver returns coffee cup  

By: Debbi Gross
(Scroll down for video) A motorcyclist impressed many people by the way he rescued a coffee cup and returned it to its owner.

Many videos have been uploaded to the internet where people had mistakenly left things on top of their cars and drove around with it.

Has this ever happened to you, where you left home in a hurry and accidentally left your cup of coffee on your car? Well, in this case, a woman left her cup on the back bumper of her SUV.

Fortunately for the female driver, a motorcyclist saw the cup and returned it to her while riding his bike. In a video, a biker is seen grabbing the cup from the rear bumper while both vehicles were in motion. Then, he accelerated to get the attention of the woman so he can return the cup.

It took a few moments until the motorcycle driver was able to catch up with the SUV, all the while holding the cup without spilling its contents. When he finally reached the woman, she grabbed the cup, but instead of thanking the motorcycle driver for his kindness, she spilled the drink on the road.

On his YouTube channel, someone asked: “How did you clutch, shift and accelerate to navigate so smoothly while holding the cup?”
To which the person who uploaded the video, and goes by the name Bossaucey replied: “Skills. Serious skills.”
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