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Seattle woman finds thief’s phone in her car, teaches him a lesson

By Mason White 11:53 AM July 11, 2013
Eliza Webb 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A woman found out that her car was broken into and items were stolen.

However, she did find the thief’s cellphone in her car.

Eliza Webb of Seattle, Washington, found a black cell phone in her car after it had been burglarized. The woman scrolled through the contents on the phone and realized the phone belonged to a teenager. Instead of calling the police, Webb scrolled through phone contacts and found a speed-dial labeled “Mom”.

Webb, who specializes in helping teenagers, decided to call the mother and meet the teen. Webb called the teen’s mother and told her: “I have your son’s phone and some things are missing from my car, and I think the two might be related.” “The boy’s mother was devastated,” she added.

Webb learned that the thief was 19-years-old. Webb sought out a worthwhile alternative rather than to report him to police, who would have arrested him. Webb decided to speak to the teen in person, so she went to his house, where she met the teenager, who appeared to have been crying.

The teen admitted to stealing items from her car and 10 other cars in the neighborhood with the help of a friend after getting drunk.
“Bringing the police and the courts into something like this can have devastating long-term consequences for kids,” Webb said.

“I felt that if I could get him to take responsibility for what he had done and get him to understand that there are consequences to his actions, it would bring much better results than letting the police handle it,” she added.
The teenager agreed to go from door to door in order to apologize to his neighbors, who were victimized by his actions. He also returned all the items he had stolen from the victims.
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